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Government Abandon Proposed Increase in Probate Court Fees

Posted on Apr 21, 2017

We reported in an earlier news article that the government proposed to increase fees for many Probate applications by a very large amount, and the relevant legislation was in fact passed by the House of Commons on 19th April.

It has just been announced, however, that, in view of the forthcoming General Election, there will not be enough Parliamentary time for the legislation to pass through all its stages before the General Election, and that the government has therefore abandoned the proposed increases – for now.

The Probate Registry has confirmed that the increases will not take place, and that it will be a matter for the next government to decide whether or not to proceed with the proposals as originally envisaged.

We will be maintaining our opposition to the proposed fee increases, if the next government seeks to reintroduce them, and will publish further news articles if the proposals are resurrected.

21st April 2017

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